Assured Annuities provides access to the secondary payment rights market for Buyers. These investments may be a good opportunity for those who are looking increase their fixed income part of their portfolio at premium rates. An in force annuity is a great investment on its own, but Assured Annuity’s offering are among the best available for the following reasons.

Fixed Terms

Fixed terms are excellent for those who want to structure a certain amount of income added to their portfolio. The result is that the buyer gets a fixed amount of payments over a specific period of time, at a specified interest rate, and because of this they are generally considered stable investments.

Good Companies

The payments themselves are made by companies that have usually between an A and AAA rating from S&P. This is good for the buyer as it increases the stability of the investment and provides some peace of mind that the payment schedule will be made as and when due. Some buyers buy these investments to smooth out the generally more volatile performance of the stock market.

Payment Sources

Once the seller turns over their annuity and a court order is issued, you become the recipient of the payments, either directly or through a third party servicing arrangement–your choice. The annuity issuers are generally well regarded U.S. life insurance companies.


Assured Annuity interest rates are represented as the effective rate. The interest is compounded every month and that figure is used to generate the effective rate for the year.

Some of these payment streams come with interest rates in the 7 percent range, which is a premium rate that may ?increase the performance of your fixed income component.


Assured Annuity guides buyers through the buying process, with the intent to assist the buyer in understanding the investment and the closing process. Any legal issues related to purchasing the investment are handled by Assured Annuity, so the buyer does not have to worry about handling this, as well. Our goal is to simplify the buying process for the buyer while at the same time striving to make sure the buyer understands the investment being bought.