Purchasing an Assured Annuity can be a great way to add a fixed income asset to your portfolio. Particularly if you plan to retire early or if you have a short-term goal that you have set and that requires you to have a certain amount of profit over time, an in-force annuity can provide a great way to meet that goal.

The primary advantage of a fixed income asset in a portfolio is really its stability. This is money that can usually be counted on month after month. Of course, not all fixed income assets are equal, but Assured Annuities provide an incredibly stable and reliable way to add such an asset to your own portfolio.

Assured Annuities

Assured Annuities make it easy to invest in the secondary payment rights market. We handle the legal requirements involved and do our best for Buyers who want to make the investment and sellers who want to exchange their fixed payments for a lump sum payment can come together and make a mutually beneficial deal. The inventory of Assured Annuities available makes it very easy for Buyers to peruse what’s out there and to see what might suit their needs.

Once the Assured Annuity is purchased, the Buyer becomes the new payment recipient either directly or through a third party service provider and receives the payment as the original annuitant would have.

What are the Goals?

Given the nature of annuities, they do tend to lend themselves to long-term financial goals quite naturally. This is, by far, not their only usage, however. Fixed income assets can provide a way to meet short-term financial goals, as well. They do this by providing an assured source of income, which can be used to build upon to meet other financial goals.

For long-term goals, however, Assured Annuities are, in our view, excellent investments. The money will be deposited into an account or paid directly to the Buyer as arranged and, because of that, it keeps a retirement account growing or another long-term account growing at a steady rate.

Between knowing the profit that you are going to make and knowing that the money is going to be there, fixed income financial assets are great for portfolios. They provide a way for you to set financial goals that are realistic and, of course, they are so stable that they make it more likely that most financial goals will succeed. Those in the market for something that offers a bit more than what stocks and other traditional investments offer may want to take a look at this very vibrant market for in-force annuities.

Assured Annuities are available for many different levels of investment, providing an element of flexibility that makes them even more attractive than their stability already does.