Many people out there who are looking at a way to pay for their child’s education would absolutely love it if they had a fixed payment stream coming in. In fact, a fixed Assured Annuity is something that can be purchased on the previously owned annuity market. Some people are provided with an annuity in a court action, because of a lottery winning or for some other reason and really just want a lump sum of money up front. They agree to sell off the annuity payment rights for a fixed amount and sign over the right to the payments to?us or the buyer.

Assured Annuities provides a way to purchase these annuities in a very affordable way. It’s also very simple. The buyer does not have to worry about resolving any of the legal issues involved, they only need to pay for the investment, review the closing book and, after doing so and the payment schedule is signed over, they can add it to their portfolio. There are good reasons that this is a suitable way to pay for a child’s education.

Steady Income

The Assured Annuity is paid out by insurance companies that have between a AAA and A rating from S&P. This level of credit rating means that the company is generally very reliable and, because these are annuities that are ordered by the court, they will be paid out.

With the addition of a favorable interest rate, these annuities can actually pay out quite a bit of money. Over time, the amount of money that they payoff may be enough to pay for a child’s education. Because they do come on a regular basis, those payments can also serve as a way to add support for the child when they are at school, particularly if they are studying a discipline that leaves them little time to have an outside job, such as medicine or law.

Sensible Investment

There are some situations where the income from a fixed payment stream may not be taxable until the whole thing is paid out. This can make them excellent investments in that regard. These investments are also good in that they pay a fixed interest rate, which is a measure of profit that can be guaranteed and counted on overtime. Assured Annuities strives to ensure that you understand every part of the deal and that you understand whether the deal you’re looking at meets your standards for profitability. The pre-owned structured settlement market is one rich with opportunities, and Assured Annuities will strive to find the type of deal that you are looking for.

Paying for a child’s education with a fixed annuity is a great way to make it easier to pay the costs of college and not have to compromise on the quality of school that your child goes to. Rather than condemning a child to a lifetime of student loan payments or paying too much for the money by borrowing it in a more traditional way, a sensible investment can provide a way to actually pay for college.