By the time you’re 40, it should be apparent that you need some sort of a plan for the future, as you’re not going to want to spend the entire rest of your life working for a living. Part of having a good retirement set up is having a portfolio with different types of income potential built into it. Most people have some stock ownership in their portfolio, government bonds are popular and there are other types of investments, such as precious metals, that have become popular over recent years.

One can look at a portfolio and immediately understand that there are different types of income that could be derived from it. Some of that income will be taken in the form of gains made on stock investments and so forth. Other investments, however, provide fixed income. That fixed income can truly be an asset. Whether one starts drawing from that fixed income as soon as they get it or puts it into a retirement account immediately, there are real benefits.

Why Fixed Income?

In reality, no matter how much education one has or how well they have done at their job, people who are just over the age of 40 are facing a much different world than their parents did. It’s likely that many people who fall into the age range of late Boomers or Generation X members are not looking at the same type of stable retirement income that their parents got from the companies that they worked for. Part of that stable retirement income usually comes in the form of a fixed payment, which is an excellent asset to have when you are not working anymore.

Purchasing an Assured Annuity can potentially provide a fixed income asset for a portfolio that can be enormously useful when retirement comes or, in some cases, if someone wants to retire a bit early. These investments come with interest rates that make them profitable, and in many cases, those interest rates are surprisingly impressive. This means that a fixed income investment can generally actually turn a profit, which is important for anybody who wants to make certain to maximize the value of the portfolio.

Getting Started with the Investment

Assured Annuity offers investments in annuities to people who want to add something to their portfolio that is stable, reliable and wholly worthwhile. These investments really mean purchasing an annuity from US insurance companies, which have between an A and AAA rating. Companies with credit that good are always good investments and Assured Annuity can streamline the process of picking up one of these investments and adding it to your portfolio.

Selling structured settlement annuity payments is governed by State Law and Federal Law. Assured Annuity can take care of the legal requirements, allowing the buyer to purchase a fixed investment and provide them generally with a stable payment stream and security in their retirement life. For many people, purchasing an fixed term investment is the best way to augment other fixed income they have coming their way in retirement.